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The Wheelock House

The Wheelock House is an alumni-created student living learning community in the historic home of Dartmouth’s founder Eleazar Wheelock. Analogous to Christian study centers at other universities, the Wheelock House offers both residential (for up to 24 students) and non-residential experiences designed to nurture students in the integration of faith, reason, vocation, and service. Residents attend weekly dinner discussions with Christian faculty and alumni, participate in spiritual retreats, and inhabit formative rhythms of work and prayer as members of an intentional community. The House also includes public spaces, including a lecture hall, library, seminar room, and cafe, that seek to be fully integrated into campus life, hosting both Christian and non-Christian student groups and offering numerous hospitality opportunities throughout the week.

The Wheelock Weekend

The Wheelock Weekend is an annual  3-day conference-style event at Dartmouth offering students and alumni opportunities to engage together on topics of faith and meaning. A reimagining of the former “Wheelock Conference,” the weekend includes forums with guest speakers, roundtable discussions,  student panels, vocations fairs, and alumni banquets, with many opportunities to make new friends across the decades of Dartmouth. Past speakers include Kadita Tshibaka (A.T.) , Gary Haugen, Dave Evans, and Cullen Buie. The weekend is typically held in mid- to late-April. Please stay tuned for our “Save-the-date!” announcement.

The Dartmouth Apologia is a college-recognized journal of Christian thought at Dartmouth dedicated to articulating Christian perspectives in the academic community. Founded in 2010, the Apologia is written and edited by students who publish semi-annually on topics including the historicity of the bible, Christianity and climate change, and the value of heretical literature. The Wheelock Society has maintained a very close relationship with the Apologia over the years, having been founded to further the conversations started in the journal’s pages. Visit the Apologia’s website for more information.

Vox Veritatis, founded in 2021, is a student-led reimagination of the Waterman Institute, offering reading groups, seminar series, and guest lectures to promote intellectual discourse surrounding faith, values, and meaning on campus. College-recognized, Vox Veritatis serves as Dartmouth's Veritas Forum and Thomistic Institute affiliate.

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